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Creating and maintaining relationships is at the forefront of our business as we strive to create a brand of power and meaning to all industries we specialize in.

About Us

Kuvela Consulting is a B-BBEE Level 1, APSO accredited business established in 2019. Our team is young, dynamic and has acquired collaborative skills and experience, specialising in various industries locally and internationally.

Kuvela Consulting is a Full Circle Recruitment Agency specialising in Executive Headhunting, ensuring our Clients and Candidates receive full attention and commitment throughout the recruitment process. We have a unique & modern approach to recruitment, detouring from conventional recruitment methods.

We maintain a culture of innovation, and always deliver high-quality work through excellence and maintenance of Brand Power. We are able to ensure a constant high success rate, based on inherent tenacity to distinguish, examine and arrange processes via the pivotal objectives of our business and our clients.

Our Values


Ensuring we approach every client and circumstance open-minded from processes, strategies and facilitation allowing both parties room for development and growth.

Service Centric

Always delivering satisfaction internally and externally, surpassing all needs and wants with our responsiveness, attention to detail and maintenance from beginning to end.


Maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and owning what we do. The ability to not only keep up with current business practices, but its own and its competitors.


Impact, influence and inspire – Impact involves getting results, influence is about living the passion you have for your work, always inspiring internal and external clients.

Our Mission

We want to create an open and friendly environment to build trust and maintain good relationships. We want to become the preferred assets provider in Africa by offering highly efficient and professional people and services in all departments of business.

We want to go over and beyond, sustaining relationships with our clients and by embracing and driving change, thus making our core function; adaptability, resulting in a positive outcome. We also want to build long term and mutual relationships with our stakeholders, including all our clients and our employees.

Our Services

Executive Search

Kuvela Consulting sources at Board, C-Suite, Executive and Senior Management levels, across a wide range of functions. Most of the time, we’re helping fill the toughest roles, where the pool of great people is in high demand, and the best ones are unlikely to be looking for a job.

Our sector expertise is broad, including financial services, fintech, media, retail, FMCG, energy & industrial services, technology and professional services.

We are agile and flexible enough to adapt quickly to challenging circumstances, being solutions-driven at all times, covering any eventuality in order to reach a successful outcome on each assignment. Our track record and references in the market attest to our success.

Screening & Interviewing

The search team reaches out to potential candidates. When a candidate expresses interest in the opportunity, they are invited to meet with a consultant for an exploratory discussion. The purpose of this discussion is to screen the candidate to determine the synergy between the candidate’s suitability for the position and to evaluate their critical core competencies in relation to the client’s requirements.

A list of suitable candidates is then presented to the client. This includes a detailed career summary & achievements of each candidate by the consultant.

The next step is to facilitate the client and candidate short-list interview process, enabling the client to select the preferred candidates. At this point, Kuvela Consulting conducts work performance references and integrity checks (criminal, credit and academic). We also conduct competency assessments if required. Once the client has selected the final candidate we assist in package negotiations and a smooth onboarding process. We provide regular progress reports throughout the assignment to keep our clients up to date. We also value the involvement and input of our client as this forms an integral part of a successful conclusion.

After successful placement, regular follow-ups are conducted with clients and candidates to cement our long-term involvement with both parties.

We maintain a culture of innovation and always delivering high quality of work through excellence and maintenance of brand power.

We are able to ensure a constant high success rate and low fall-off rate based on inherent tenacity to distinguish, examine and arrange processes via our pivotal objectives of our business and our clients.

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